TEMPE HERNÁNDEZ, doubble bass


This is a group that performs music – mostly by the pianist and leader Sergi Sirvent – in a very unique way. They are capable to express lots of colors, emotions and textures, from diferent “fields”: jazz, blues, soul, rock, contemporary music, pop or many others.

As a trio they have released 4 albums on Fresh Sound New Talent label: Unexpected – FSNT157, Unexpected plays the Blues in Need – FSNT231, Muchies – FSNT460, Odisseo – FSNT517  and also made an album playing free improvisations featuring drummer Joe Smith joining the trio (Sergi Sirvent Free Quartet-FSNT 208) or also played a major role as the rhythm section of the big ensemble Sirvent´s double CD album 9 muses-FSNT193.

After a period of 10 years with no activity as a trio, they recorded new music on July 2013 , an album named “MUNCHIES” and another named “ODISSEO” to be realsed  by Fresh Sound Records. And after that they record “INVOLUCIONS”, the 5th album of UNX, released on Selffish Records, the digital label of the pianist Sergi Sirvent.

They recorded live at Jamboree on March 7th, 2020. Just a few days before COVID19 in Spain. So this it’s gonna be their 6th album and they also have in mind to record the next music, mostly compositions with vocals and lyrics, kind of more songwritting style that appeared in the last track of some albums.

Unexpected lead with many kinds of sthetics but with their own sound. Could be defined as a power trio or aswell a jazz trio with lots of interplay. They are great performers but first of all they are full artists: Sirvent´s creativity and skills , Hernández´s effortless wisdom and Dominguez´s endless energy all mixed with full empathy and mistery.

The music is an unexpected journey… you never know what´s gonna happen and this is exactly what UNEXPECTED wants to discover each time they perform live on stage.