Plays the blues in need


«This is a trio led by Spanish pianist Sergi Sirvent Escué — the third record I’ve heard by him, and possibly the best. «Need» is a fairly trivial twist on Monk’s «Well, You Needn’t,» which works as well as the original. Slow pieces poke at the edges; fast ones sharpen them up. A vocal on the final «Waltz for Someone» stretches and breaks in a manner rarely heard since Chet Baker. I have a tough time with piano trios, and this one still gives me slight pause, but I like the pianist, like the group — Esteban Hernández on bass, Daniel Dominguez on drums. Not so sure about the nudity.»

Tom Hull,


«It is said that to effectively play the blues one needs to know the blues. This may or my not be the case for this young trio but they sure have the music aesthetic down to a science with fearless and soulful playing that pulls from both jazz and blues. Led by the hot pianist Sergi Sirvint, whose playing echoes Thelonious Monk as well as Brad Mehldau, his performance is inspiring. Though the core musical element is the blues, the music also makes use of contemporary styles to form a recording of considerable depth such as the chamber like voicing on Concret, the modern jazz Blue In Need and the creative Waltz for Someone with blues, dissonant vocals, and fiery playing thrown into the inventive mix.»

Mark F. Turner -All About Jazz 


Sergi Sirvent | piano & composition

Esteban Hernandez | doublebass 

Dani Dominguez | drums


01. Fúcsia 9:22
02. Milonga en la frontera 7:40
03. Concret (Nostàlgia de Barcelona) 9:45
04. Need 7:41
05. Blues in Need 7:24
06. Les esquerdes 8:33
07. Acurrucat i Injust 4:45
08. Waltz for Someone 6:07

Total time: 61:23 min.


Sergi Sirvent Escué (piano), Esteban Hernández (bass), Daniel Domínguez (drums).

All compositions by Sergi Sirvent Escué, except «Milonga en la Frontera» by Esteban Hernández.

Recorded at Estudis Moraleda, Barcelona, Spain, on July 2004